All last week we asked you to send us your expressions of LOVE for your other half with the best each day being chosen to take part in our Love Lockdown finale at City Square Shopping Centre in Waterford on Saturday.

Our five winning couples were joined by our wildcard who were the closest to guessing how many Love Hearts were in our Jar Of Hearts in City Square. It was 897 in case you were wondering.

Round 1 started off with our 6 couples having to guess how far it is from Paris, the city of love to City Square in Waterford. The answer was 1,068km and the 2 couples who were furthest away were eliminated.

In the second round, the 4 remaining couples lined up back to back with a balloon between them. The first 2 to burst the balloons made it through to the Love Lockdown finale.

The final round saw the two remaining couples race against time on a treasure hunt while being handcuffed together through City Square. Lisa & David found the key to City Square in the fastest time and won €1000 in City Square vouchers!

Keep listening to Beat for more amazing competitions coming soon!