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Beat 102 103. The Broadcast Centre, Ardkeen. Waterford City.
Studio: 1890 715 102 or Text 0851029103
Tel: 051 849 102 | Fax: 051 849 103 | Email:

Gabrielle Cummins

Gabrielle Cummins
CEO/Programme Director

Michael Barry

Michael Barry
Regional Sales Manager

Lena Murphy

Lena Murphy
Financial Director

Niall Power

Niall Power
Head Of Station Sound

Dave Shaw
Sponsorship & Promotions Manager

Darren Rice

Darren Rice
Production Engineer

Kolyn Byrne

Kolyn Byrne
Solutions Coordinator

James Foley

Robbie Byrne
Digital Producer

Debbie Ridgard
Prize Coordinator


Alice Phelan | Lia Clancy

Laura and Mary - Accounts & Administration

Laura Holmes | Mary Cummins
Accounts & Administration

Audrey and Laura - Reception

Audrey Hennessey | Laura Nolan

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Beat 102 103
The Broadcast Centre
Waterford City

Studio: 1890 715 102

Text/WhatsApp: 0851029103

Tel: 051 849 102 | Fax: 051 849 103 | Email:

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