First he released not one but two songs off his new album, Divide then he blessed us with the news that two of the other songs on the album are “full-on Irish” and now, he has released the album tracklist.

And we’re not gonna lie, we’re a little disappointed.

Do you see it?

Yup, it looks like the sixth track on the album is Galway Girl.

Could it be a cover of the Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon classic?

Look Ed, we know you love your Irish roots, but you just can’t plonk a trad classic at the heart of your album. Some things are just too sacred to mess around with!

Fingers crossed we’ve jumped the gun and he has created a brand-new Galway theme tune.

Although let’s be honest it couldn’t be any worse than this drivel – could it?

Talk about messing with our emotions, Ed.

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