We did it! Ryan O’Shaughnessy only went and did it!

Eurovision reaction: Who do you think is more excited Marty Whelan or this Dublin man?

Ireland has made it through to the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest – for the first time since 2013.

So, as you can imagine people were a tad excited about the news.

So much so, we can’t decide who’s reaction is better – Marty Whelan’s or Derek Mooney’s friend, Martin from Dublin.

First up:

Marty, who’s been masking up his real feelings to the world for four years now.

Last night was the first time he could let loose:



Martin Jones who thought it was all over – until it wasn’t.


Here are some other reactions we loved:

If there are not at least four Fr Ted references on your timeline, is it even Eurovision?

Fans in the Lisbon Arena did us proud with this rendition of our national anthem:

As O’Shaughnessy’s ballad, Together was accompanied by two male dancers acting out the romantic story of a couple about the end of a love affair, some were concerned whether it would be shown on Russian television.

Turns out, it was:

Here’s what Ryan had to say:

Dublin drag queen, Victoria Secret captured the reaction in The George Bar:

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