By Kyle Lehane

Who doesn’t love going to concerts and festivals?

The atmosphere is electric and the vibe is like no other.

However, if you’re not that familiar with the concert/festival scene then you might be a little lost as to the essentials.

Well, fear no more. Here’s your essentials checklist for that concert/festival trip.

1. Sensible shoes.

We’ve all been there. Having a great time out with friends but your footwear can be described as everything but great. You may want to debut those new killer heels you got but remember; you are going to be mainly standing for over two hours and probably dancing as well. Give your feet a break and wear flats or some comfy shoes at least.

2. Cash & ID

Most people pay with card nowadays but your venue most likely won’t have an ATM. So be smart and bring some cash with you. Also, bring some photo ID. Most venues require it when presenting your ticket and if you’re fortunate enough to look young then you will most likely be asked for ID when getting alcohol at the venue.


3. Printed Ticket

This one should be obvious but loads of people show up to the venue without the most important thing – their ticket. Bringing a printed ticket will save you so much time and hassle in the long run and will make for a cute souvenir once the night is over.


4.Fully charged phone

There’s nothing worse than wanting to capture a moment but you don’t have your phone handy. Before leaving make sure your phone is fully charged so you can capture all the fab moments from your night. Also, if you lose your friends then having a phone with enough battery will help you quickly find them.


5. Playlist of artist

To get you in the mood for your big night out make a playlist of your favourite songs. Listening to these tunes will get you hyped for the night ahead.

6.Comfortable yet stylish outfit

It’s natural to want to show off your latest purchase but if you’re going to a concert for the night you’ll want to actually move in what you’re wearing. Pick something you know you can dance in but still feel your best self in.


Most importantly enjoy your night and get lost in the music.


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