Niall Horan has joined forces with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra in a special performance of Flicker ahead of Niall Horan with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra which premieres on RTÉ One on Saturday. The programme sees the singer-songwriter and his band joined by 45 members of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and conductor Gavin Murphy, as well as an interview with Eoghan McDermott. He spoke of his nerves ahead of the opening night of his first ever performance of his new album Flicker. "The opening gig of a tour is always nervewracking," he said. He said that he second-guessed Dublin as the choice for the first gig and described home gigs as "always scary". Speaking ahead of his "completely different" performance with the 45-piece orchestra, he said, "It's my first time playing with musicians of this level." Niall Horan with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra premieres on RTÉ One this Saturday May 12 at 6:55pm.