Light Sabers, Sky Lantern and selfie sticks are just some of the items banned at next month’s Guns N’Roses gig at Slane Castle.

In an official statement from concert promoters MCD, they said: “All the above items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Anyone resisting confiscation of restricted items may be evicted.

“Only pocket sized cameras are permitted for personal use only.Cameras with detachable telephoto lenses will not be allowed through arena entrances”.

MCD also stressed that crowd surfing and moshing not permitted and fans found taking part in such activities “will be removed from the venue with a refund”

The band are coming back to Slane 25 years to the month after they first played, but this time things will be slightly different backstage as they’ve requested no alcohol to be present.

A tad different to their 1992 gig, where the bad’s rider included cases of Jack Daniels and vodka.

Looks like the jungle isn’t all fun and games after all.

The long awaited gig will take place at the County Meath venue on May 27.

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