An artistic 6 year-old girl from the South East needs your vote.

Fenor Co. Waterford’s Aisling Rockett has reached the finals of the Doodle4Google competition.

The theme this year is “If I could create anything it would be …”

Aisling’s teacher told them about Joanne O’Riordan – a girl born without any limbs – and as a result Aisling created a robot for her.

She shared the story that inspired her drawing, “Mrs. Brannigan told us the story about Joanne O’Riordan and Joanne O’Riordan doesn’t have any arms or legs and she asked for a robot to be built for her.”

Aisling’s Mum Rebecca said, “we’re delighted that Aisling has come so far because the first section of the competition there’s 300 semi-finalists chosen and after that it’s down to the last 75 – so Aisling is a finalist.

This section of the competition is just based totally on the public vote. So Aisling can’t go any further without the support of the public so that’s really important to us.

Everybody in Fenor and around Waterford and all over really have been so great and they’ve voted over and over.2

To vote for Aisling click here

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