It’s tough when your friend goes on a first date and you have to wait until she can sneakily text you and tell you how it’s going.

But one friend appears to have been proactive about this situation – she found a way to be on the date too.

Yep, Twitter user Dawsyn Eubank’s friend Georgia went to some pretty great lengths to see how the date was going… dodgy disguise and all.

Dawsyn had no idea her pal was behind her – until she received a text saying “why aren’t you eating your food”. Creepy, but caring.

That’s it, we’re determined to find ourselves some new friends now.

Some people are questioning how real this act of genius can be.

But it seems it legit happened.

So now it’s time to just simply enjoy the ridiculousness of the situation.

If Twitter’s anything to go by, it turns out this level of friendship isn’t that rare, though.

And people seem to be feeling inspired when it comes to disguises for creeping on your friend’s date.

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