Wexford is the location for this year’s annual Labour Party conference.

Party members will discuss a variety of issues such as the future of work, climate change and Brexit.

Wexford native and Labour leader is Brendan Howlin.

He explains why Wexford was chosen as the destination.

“Wexford is my home town and I was delighted to be able to bring it here.”

“Wexford is typical of the rest of the country, which faces very real challenges.”

“It faces issues such as employment and work, so in a way it is a metaphor for every part of the country.”

“I think it’ll be a great place to have a very vibrant, exciting and successful conference.”

He says the three day event will cover a range of issues facing Irish society today.

“We will be talking about the future of work, because nothing is more important to people than to ensure that they have an income and a livelihood.”

“The second big issue we will focus on is the ‘greening’ of Ireland and the issue of climate change.”

“Finally, of course, we will have a major debate on Brexit.”

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