Rail travel – it’s the underappreciated kid in a schoolyard of flashy motors and macho airplanes.

Still, we at Beat argue that train travel is the coolest form of getting from A to B out there. How come? Well, we’ve just put pen to paper to tell you why.

1. Pretend you’re flying First Class

Squint just a little and you just might be on the flight of your dreams. From artisan coffees to uber helpful assistants, you could easily be flying first class while hurtling towards Tipp Town, albeit at slightly lower altitudes.

2. Harry Potter
While Plunkett Station may not have its own Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 ¾, or Platform 9 for that matter, if the train is good enough for Harry and the lads, it’s damn well good enough for us.


3. Old World Charm
Sit back and envisage your very own monochrome world.

Think about it, what Hollywood classic would be the same without a moody, smoke-filled train scene? Dr Zhivago had one, as did Buster Keaton’s iconic The General. Heck, even Hitchcock used rail travel as the basis for his 1951 thriller Strangers On A Train.

 4. The Train Station
Classier than your bog-standard bus station and less stressful than any nightmare scenario an airport can muster, arriving at your local train station is like stumbling into an oasis of calm.


5. No traffic
Let’s face it, no matter where you go in the South East, you’re bound to hit into traffic, or worse, gridlock. With train travel, it’s goodbye road rage!


6. The view
A single ticket affords the perfect opportunity to peel back the beauty of the South East from the comfort of your own carraige. Be it rolling countryside or snow-capped hilltops, you’re guaranteed to witness gems of the region that you never knew existed.


7. The destinations
The last time we checked Carlow didn’t have an airport, nor did Wexford. From Athy to Gorey, Waterford to Clonmel, Ireland’s rail network has you covered when it comes to an unrivaled list of destinations.



8. The comfort
Acres of legroom, free WiFi, a decent table and sumptuous seating is just the start. An annoying passenger beside you? Move. Jaded? Stretch out and settle in for a snooze. We couldn’t recommend that while crawling along a M50 contraflow.


9. The speed
Train’s are faster. Simple.

Waterford to Dublin in a shade under two hours. Wexford to Arklow in the time it takes to view an episode of your favourite series. And Carlow to Waterford? 70 minutes. Flat.


10. It’s the eco-friendly option
A report from 2009 concluded that an average domestic flight is 29 times more polluting than the same journey by train. Meanwhile, electric-only trains are said to emit 50 grams of C02 per passenger, opposed to the 70 grams of C02 pp in a small diesel hatchback over the same trip. So, if you want to travel fast while minimizing your carbon footprint, rail is the only viable option.

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