It looks as though some crafty drug smugglers have been reading up on their medieval warfare recently.

US officials have found a catapult designed to hurl bundles of marijuana over the border from Mexico to the US.

On February 10, Douglas Station Border Patrol agents in Arizona noticed suspicious activity around the border fence. On closer inspection, the agents found a catapult attached to the south side of the fence, and two bundles of marijuana stashed nearby.

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This was by no means Bart Simpson’s measly slingshot but a pretty heavy-duty piece of kit, considering that the bundles of weed weighed over 20kg combined.

Here’s a closer look at the contraption itself.


US officials have found a huge drugs catapult on the Mexico border

(US Customs and Border Protection)


We’re not sure Donald Trump’s wall would have stopped that.

The agents have since dismantled the catapult system and are working with Mexican authorities to investigate the matter.

You can’t condone the smuggling, but you can at least marvel at the ingenuity.

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