Ah, the Community Games.

A competitive period for Irish kids, whether you’re thang is G.A.A, soccer, swimming or even art and design.

You first have to compete in your own community, then at a county and sometimes provincial level, before the National Finals.


If you were a Community Games kid, you’ll know how vital and ‘cool‘ it was to get to the National Finals in Mosney.

The games moved out of Mosney in the mid-00’s to relocate to their new home in Athlone.

Here’s 10 things you’ll understand if you ever set off on the journey to represent your county in Meath.


1.It really was ‘the place to be’.

2. It did make you feel quite smug

3. The day you ‘got your pictures done for Mosney’ was a big day.

4. ‘Sort of’.

5. Justice for Paul!

6. Our Emma from The Takeover was haunted by memories in recent days…

7. There’s no community like the home of the Community Games


8. They need to upgrade their categories 😉


9. We hear you girl, we hear you.


10. Even Irish Olympians remember the good ole days


Ah, Irish childhood memories <3

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