A Beat news spotlight: Have yourself a sustainable little Christmas

A Beat news spotlight: Have yourself a sustainable little Christmas

This year, we’re being urged to be as sustainable as possible in the run up to the festive period.

Sustainability and climate change are to the fore, particularly after the COP26 summit last month.

In this short docu-series, we explore the ways we can help the environment in the lead up to, and during the Christmas period.

You can listen to eac episode all this week at 13:00 and 18:50 on-air as part of the news bulletins, and you can listen-back on the Podcast page of our website.


Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan

Dean spoke to Grace O’Sullivan about the effects of Climate Change.

The Green Party MEP believes young people are the future when it comes to tackling climate change.

She believes everyone has a voice, even if they don’t yet have a vote.


Aisling Moloney, Youth Work Ireland Tipperary, Junior Board member

They ran an initiative last month in a bid to clamp down on fast fashion.

Particularly over the Christmas period, people will buy items of clothing, such as a Christmas jumper, that will only be worn a handful of times.

They’re encouraging people to reuse their clothes, and to shop in second-hand stores.


A clothes swap was also pitched as a possible idea,to clamp down on the number of items being worn only a few times.

Colin Ahern, President of Kilkenny Chamber.

Colin spoke to Dean about the importance of shopping locally this Christmas time. 

He talked about the chamber vouchers they have available, which keeps money in the local community in Kilkenny.

Colin also spoke about how buying local can help improve your carbon footprint.

Janette O’Brien, Environmental Awareness Officer, Carlow County Council 

We should be conscious of our food waste over the Christmas period.

That's according to Carlow County Council's Environmental Awareness Officer who is asking people to make small changes this Christmas time.

We are being encouraged not to stockpile food which ultimately ends up going to waste.

Jannette O’Brien says people should make a shopping list before buying food unnecessarily.

Grainne Kennedy, 3 Counties Energy Agency

Making small changes to our energy consumption can make a huge difference in the future.

That's according to the 3 counties energy agency who is asking people to be more conscious of our energy use over Christmas.

Grainne Kennedy from the 3CEA, says people should consider making changes going forward.