LISTEN: Beat releases Long Covid documentary

LISTEN: Beat releases Long Covid documentary

Beat presenter Michelle Heffernan was diagnosed with Covid-19 in January and thought, like many, that she would be better within a few weeks.

In the long and painful recovery that followed she learned that many others are experiencing long Covid and the true extent of this chronic condition is nothing short of alarming...

In a two-part documentary series “It’s Not a Cold-It’s Long Covid” Michelle attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery that is long Covid. She speaks to healthcare experts, Long Covid advocates, and most importantly, Long Covid patients about the impact this condition is having on society. She hears first-hand accounts of the bizarre and worrying symptoms brought on post-infection and speaks to an array of professionals about the best response, if any, to an illness that is still unknown.

Part One of this two-part series focuses on the problems presented by Long Covid and the lived experience of people who are still not better months after contracting Covid 19. It examines our knowledge of Long Covid and asks if public ignorance is compounding the burden felt by Long Covid patients


Part Two will look to research, recovery, and improved response. Michelle will ask professionals from an array of disciplines how their expertise can ease the mental, physical, and occupational problems brought on by Long Covid. Michelle will evaluate if our response to Long Covid is sufficient and beg the question, are we promoting a second pandemic by ignoring this problem?

Part One and Part Two of "It's Not a Cold, It's Long Covid" are available to listen to below

Part One:


Part Two


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