Granted, most scare houses that pop up every Halloween do the job – but nothing in Ireland trumps the unnerving eeriness of Glenart’s abandoned asylum.

Shut off by a dense forest, the folks at the Paranoia asylum have spent the past six years honing every scare to perfection.

Opening its doors on Friday, October 19th, Paranoia at Glenart Outdoors runs until Halloween night.

It’s creepy, it’s gory, and it’s everything you would hate to experience… so how could we resist sending Beat’s Trish & Dave up to Arklow for the night to experience the terror?

Yup, they looked terrified.

From blood-drenched butchers to masked-goons and psychotic doctors, Glenart Paranoia’s residents don’t want you to stick around for long…

In all, there are nine unnerving areas, which include: The brand new Dark House, The Cell and The Ward, along with some returning ‘classics’ like The Mortuary, The Forest of Screams and The House of Dolls.

With early bird passes starting from 12.50 per person, tickets are selling out fast.

To get your hands on passes, check out … if you dare.

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