What About Us? Beat shines a Spotlight on Forgotten Industries

A Spotlight by Cillian Doyle.

All this week, Beat is shining a spotlight on the forgotten industries in the South East affected by the pandemic.

Performers have yet to return to the stage while theatres in the South East have yet to welcome back audiences to their auditoriums.

Some rural pubs have also yet to open their doors, some who cannot physically provide an outdoor service or have no facilities to provide substantial meals during the time last year when the €9 meal rule was in place.


Local transport has also taken a big hit, with schools closed and students to bring to school, tours cancelled for tourists and no nightlife in villages and towns for local taxi drivers to work.

We also highlight services for children and young adults with disabilities who have been severely impacted by Covid-19.

Beat chats to people in the South East who are involved with these industries, and find out if they have been forgotten about?

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