Call for all-island approach to policing coronavirus

Call for all-island approach to policing coronavirus

The group that represents garda sergeants and inspectors say there needs to be an all-Ireland approach when policing the coronavirus.

It has emerged there is a loophole in the law, meaning people visiting the Republic and not staying the night are not affected by the restriction rules.

It means people from the North travelling here on day trips cannot be arrested.

President of the AGSI Cormac Moylan says this has to be addressed.


"There are two jurisdictions on this island but there is one virus," he said.

"This virus knows no boundaries so I think there is a need for an all-island approach, but that's from our side, from our representation of the sergeants and inspectors around the country that we represent. That's for the Government to sort out and for them to handle.

"We would love to see something in place that would give people a little more sure-footedness."

It comes as the North's Deputy First Minister called on people from the North not to exploit the 'loophole' in the laws.


Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill is asking people to stay at home.

"We all need to be staying at home. That's what the public health message is telling us to do and that's what we need to be doing," she said.

"This is not a time for us travelling to the beach. We have to very strictly follow the rules because we're trying to save lives.

"Can I ask people not to be travelling to Donegal, not to be travelling to anywhere else, just to stay at home and follow that public health advice."