HSE 'as confident as it can be' vaccine targets can be met in coming weeks

HSE 'as confident as it can be' vaccine targets can be met in coming weeks

The HSE's 'as confident as it can be' Covid vaccine targets can be met in the coming weeks and months -according to the organisation's Chief Clinical Officer.

Medically vulnerable people at high risk from the virus will start getting their vaccine this week, while the last group of the over 85s will receive their first dose this week also.

A shortfall in the supply of the Astra Zeneca vaccine has been blamed for the failure to meet vaccination targets over the last two weeks.

The HSE's Dr Colm Henry insists progress is being made in the roll out.


"We have now almost completely completed the over 85's comprised of about 82,000 people

"And remember the risk goes up with age and that's why we are going down in age.

"By the middle of April we will have completed the first dose vaccination of the over 70's age group.

"The evolving evidence shows they get substantial protection even after the first dose."


Meanwhile, a South East vaccination centre was officially launched last Friday.

WIT Arena is one of six centres in the region, and is expected to start innoculations in the late Spring.

Speaking to Beat News, Matt Shanahan Independent TD says other vaccines may be an option for government to progress the roll out.

"I think the criticism probably isn't fully warranted.


"I do think there is difficulty but I think also, we have left ourselves completely at the hands of what's happening in terms of European agreements.

"Some European governments are going outside (of agreements), I don't see why Ireland couldn't.

"The Johnson and Johnson, if it gets approved and I think it will do soon, will be a big addition, that will help."