Likely to be mid-June before new government is formed

Likely to be mid-June before new government is formed

It is likely to be mid-June before any new government is formed.

That is according to sources across all parties in Leinster House.

The Greens, Labour and the Social Democrats are all considering dire new economic warnings from the government.

The process of forming a government in 2016 was roundly criticised for taking far too long, with more than 70 days between polling day and Enda Kenny being re-elected as Taoiseach.


It is now day 74 since election 2020 and we are being told that any new regime is still more than a month away.

There has been progress, with Fine Gael and Fianna FΓ‘il coming together in an historic agreement to enter government together.

But yesterday's economic forecasts will have done little to convince a third party to join their coalition.

The worst recession since the 1930s, record levels of unemployment and a €23bn hole blown in the budget means no one can go in with a shopping lists of demands for the next five years.


The Social Democrats and Labour have signalled privately that they are highly unlikely to enter government.

That leaves the Greens, who have taken a week already to put together a detailed response to the pitch from Leo Varadkar and MicheΓ‘l Martin.

That has led to some in the bigger parties believing Eamon Ryan's party is seriously considering entering government.

But even if they turned around and started a programme for government talks tomorrow, we would be weeks away from a potential deal, with no new government looking likely until mid-June.