LISTEN: Vaccine specialist left out in the cold by HSE

LISTEN: Vaccine specialist left out in the cold by HSE

Kevin Galvin

A vaccine specialist says their drive-in service could rapidly speed up the vaccine rollout.

However, despite 35 years' experience in vaccinating the public, the Tropical Medical Bureau hasn't been included among pharmacies to vaccinate 18-35 year olds.

Travel Medical Bureau have five clinics in four counties across the South-East, and have offered their services to the HSE a number of times.


Speaking to Beat News, Medical Director Graham Fry says they have the ability and expertise to help.

"A drive-through clinic is so much more efficient, even than coming into a normal clinic.

"Once you're registered, you can drive up, confirm who you are, have your vaccine, wait for 15 minutes, and then drive off.

"You get through a lot more people in the same amount of time than they do in any of the major vaccine hubs being used."


With clinics in Carlow, Enniscorthy, Gorey, Waterford and Kilkenny, the bureau has been left out over what they think is a contracting issue, as the government tries to ramp up vaccination in the face of the rapidly spreading Delta variant.

Fry says he can't understand their omission, given their professional experience in the field.

"I think it's a shame...and if people are not easily able to access their vaccination, that's where the problem arises.

"I actually don't mind if it's us, or the pharmacies, or the GPs, or the vaccination centres - I honestly don't mind.


"I just think the whole policy of not using a company that are primarily doing vaccines seems strange, seems odd."

You can hear our full conversation with Graham below.