Lockdown Jungle: Hilarious sketch studies 'new breed' of human found in lockdown

Lockdown Jungle: Hilarious sketch studies 'new breed' of human found in lockdown

A new sketch is taking a look at how we are coping and adjusting to life in lockdown.

Let's just say the results aren't pretty.

Lockdown Jungle, an Attenborough-esque video, documents a new breed that has emerged since Ireland went into lockdown - the Simius Rocket Leagueius.

This new breed of human might appear a little too familiar to a lot of us. Whether you are one or live with one, this sketch hits a little too close to home!


Aisling Lynch, who narrated and wrote the sketch, said that making it let them have some fun while staying in their home.

Aisling lives with her boyfriend, Dublin director Brian Dunster - who plays the Simius Rocket Leagueius - and producer Emma Morris.

"Brian and Emma both work in film, so we had all the means to film, so we thought why not?," said Aisling.

"We had a lot of fun making it - mostly at Brian's expense!


"So making it was like a triple win: we have fun, Brian gets somewhat humiliated and hopefully we can make some people laugh and forget about being stuck in a house for a moment."

This isn't the first sketch this trio has made since the lockdown began.

Brian and Emma, who both work at One Productions, have been working from home like many others.


As a way of keeping themselves occupied while staying home, they've been filming short scenes from films that they have adapted to make them more relevant to today's reality.

So far they have done scenes from Booksmart and Thoroghbreds which you can watch below.

The current restrictions started on Friday, March 27. They mandate that everyone should stay at home, only leaving to:


  • Shop for essential food and household goods;
  • Attend medical appointments, collect medicine or other health products;
  • Care for children, older people or other vulnerable people - this excludes social family visits;
  • Exercise outdoors - within 2kms of your home and only with members of your own household, keeping 2 metres distance between you and other people
  • Travel to work if you provide an essential service - be sure to practice physical distancing