The little things that made us smile this week

The little things that made us smile this week

We know. This week was a shitty one.

From all the negative posts circulating on our news feeds to our self-imposed stint of isolation, it's pretty easy to get bogged down by the thoughts of it all.

So, it comes with some degree of irony that these world-calamities fall on International Happiness Day, which is celebrated on March 20th.

With that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at the little things that made us smile this week. And guess what? We were spoiled for choice!


The Stradbally Supervalu Parade
There's a beauty to the sheer chaos of this impromptu parade. From young fella in the trolley awkwardly waving toilet rolls, to the broken party horn; we're not surprised this video has clocked over one million views.

Big Bird on a Quad

With a questionable attitude to the rules of the road, this wannabe Evel Knievel gave us all a laugh and a scare in equal measure as he hurtled down Rush Main Street on two wheels.


T-Rex Goes Shopping in Gorey


With unprecedented demand for hazmat suits, some are really thinking outside the box when it comes to protective-wear. Yup, all that self-isolation isn’t making you hallucinate. That’s a shopper casually dressed as a T-Rex…

Bono's COVID-19 Song

Ireland's favourite hop-on-the-bandwagon celeb made headlines earlier this week by, well, hopping on the bandwagon! Honestly, with such an amazing back catalogue behind him, we have serious admiration for the U2 frontman, but we just wish he kept this tune *HE MADE JUST ONE HOUR BEFORE HE POSTED IT* to himself.

This Penguin Goes on an Adventure in New Zealand

How cute is this! Check out the moment this penguin encountered Amazonian wildlife for the first time in his 30-year-life. Adorable!

Alison Spittle's Netflix Parties! 

Who doesn't love Dirty Dancing? Hundreds of Irish people watched Dirty Dancing on Netflix at 9 o’clock on Wednesday, all while commenting along on Twitter...

Carlow Offie Boards up! 

Carlow's Carpenter's Off-Licence got busy at the, ahem, carpentry to come up with this contraption. It's all very Mad Max meets Zombieland, but sure look - it does the job!

Bess Finds a Home!

This might just have been our favourite. After spending ten years in an animal rescue shelter in Kent, this lovely border collie finally found the perfect home.

Shaun of the Dead Returned!

Well, sort of. Pegg and Frost revisited one of their most famous films to deliver a message about social distancing. Referencing THAT scene from Shaun Of The Dead, the Spaced stars encouraged people to stay at home.