Travel expert reveals when Irish tourists could go on holidays again

An Irish travel expert has said we will know in twelve weeks if we can holiday abroad this summer.

Eoghan Corry from Travel Extra believes we'll know by the Easter break if Ireland and Europe's vaccine rollout out is at an advanced enough stage for us to safely book a trip away.

As we stand, current restrictions advise against all non-essential international travel.

Eoghan claims that knowing by Easter at the very latest will allow hotels and flight operators to gear up for the summer season with a degree of certainty.


The travel guru also believes Irish citizens have a head start over other countries when it comes to booking a flight abroad: "Ireland will do a bit better than [other countries] because Ryanair is keeping their aircraft... and pilots certified, so they're in a position to move quickly, but most European countries aren't", he told the Irish Mirror

However, Eoghan says that even if Ireland's vaccine rollout runs ahead of schedule it won't be airlines or the government who decide when we'll fly again - it'll be the consumer. "The most important thing will be the consumer confidence... people [will need to] buy into it, are comfortable with it and know it's working, not just in Ireland, but wherever we're going."

Photo by Te lensFix from Pexels