Waterford pharmacist says they're ready to vaccinate

Waterford pharmacist says they're ready to vaccinate

Pharmacies expect to be able to give out thousands of extra vaccine doses after new advice for the under 40s.

NIAC has recommended both the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines can be given to people aged 18 to 40.

It's part of a ramping up of the programme from today, with 318,000 Pfizer vaccines expected to be delivered - the biggest shipment since the beginning of the pandemic.

Over 4 million Covid-19 jabs have been administered so far, with two thirds of people getting at least one dose.


However, many younger people have yet to receive a first dose, with concerns over restrictions for those without the vaccine creating a two-tiered society.

Paul Kenny runs the Haven Pharmacy in Tramore, and says they're ready to begin vaccinating people over 18.

Speaking to Beat News, Kenny says the tiny risks in getting the vaccine are far less than the risks with contracting the virus, and explains how to organise a vaccination in a chemist.

"You don't have to pre-register for a vaccination in a pharmacy, however it's not a walk-in service so I would suggest to anyone who is contemplating a vaccine - and everybody should - contact their local pharmacy.


"Firstly to register their interest, and secondly find out when there might be a clinic that would be suitable for them.

And while Kenny admits that some pharmacies may have issues with space - given the 15 minute observation time for those who receive the shot - he says it won't cause further confusion in the vaccine rollout, following issues with people using their GPs to get earlier access to the jab.

"I have a big list of names here that have expressed their interest in getting a vaccination. And when we got to create a clinic, it's just a case of ringing those people that have an expressed an interest, and if they're still interested in getting one, we can book them into a clinic.

"And if they've already had one, we just don't.


"So there's no problem whatsoever in changing their mind as to where they may receive their vaccine."