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Clár sa Charr

Clár sa Charr

An bhfuil to réidh?

Our new Irish language feature on Beat Breakfast has just launched! Listen in to Clár sa Charr every Tuesday morning which will give you the chance to use and improve your 'cúpla focail'.

Clár sa Charr is a short conversation of a parent and child that takes place in the car on the way to school.

We'll also be giving away a €50 One4All voucher every week. All you have to do, is send us in a voice message with you using our 'focal' (word) of the day. Niall and Sho will tell you before the conversation begins, which word it is that you've to listen out for.

Both presenters are also hoping to brush-up on their Gaeilge, so they can take a trip to Waterford's Gaeltacht in Rinn and chat with the locals!


Our resident Gaeilgeoir, Jessica Ní Mháirtín, who also presents Music Dé Domhnaigh here on Beat 102 103 and is managing the project within the station hopes that this Irish language initiative will encourage people to speak cúpla focail to each other - even if it's just for a few minutes in the morning.

"I escaped school without retaining much of my Irish and I'm very excited about this because I'm hopeful that it may be helpful to someone like me who can't remember much of it but can pick up the words again," said Niall Power, as he was joined by co-presenter Shonagh Lyons; project lead for Clár sa Charr within the station, Jessica Ní Mháirtín and fresh talent to Beat, Éilis McSherry.

Sho agreed, "But that's like so many of us Niall and I think I have more French than Irish, which is really sad!"

Sprioc an Chláir

Here at Beat 102 103, we want to give our listeners the opportunity to develop the native language in Ireland and Jess has assured us that this programme is suitable for those who are hearing it for the first time and those, just like Niall and Sho, who may not have used their cúpla focail since school.


"It's kind of like riding a bike, you don't forget it but you might be a bit rusty and it takes a while to get back into it. So with this new project, you'll actually find yourself remembering a lot of the vocabulary once you hear it and especially when it's in context," said Jess.

Éilis McSherry also agreed that it would be a great way, fun way to get the South East talking, "I think it's really important for Beat and for the South East in general to get involved because we have a Gaeltacht in our area and we just want to promote the native language for everybody to speak a little bit or a lot, especially in conversational Irish and everyday life."

Vocabulary and audio will be available on our website each week to give you the best chance at improving your Gaeilge.

This programme is run in association with the BAI and IBI.

Listen back to Clár sa Charr on Beat Breakfast here!

Clár 1: Carachtair Chartúin


Seo hé a leanas an foclóir a bhí sa chlár inniu nuair a bhí Nick agus Matilda ag caint faoi na carachtair chartúin agus teilifíse gur fearr leo.

For the chance to win the One4All voucher, we challenged you to use 'focal of the day'. Today's word was 'an-ghreannmhar' which translates to 'very funny'.


Táim réidh don bhóthar anois – I’m ready for the road 

Chun na firinne a rá - to tell you the truth 

Is cuimhin liom cuid de na carachtair - I remember a few of the characters 

Lán le fuinneamh agus beocht – full of energy and life

Bleachtairí - detectives 

Daoine scanrúil - Scary people or baddies 

Ligeann siad orthu – they pretend  

Daoine gléasta suas  - people dressed up

Tá sé nach mór dearmadta agam – I've almost forgotten it 

Más buan mo chuimhne – If I remember correctly 

Na príomhcharachtair - the main characters  

Tá sé an-ghreannmhar – he's very funny 

Ag caitheamh geasa draíochta - casting magic spells