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Clár sa Charr 6: Spóirt

Clár sa Charr 6: Spóirt

Our new Irish language feature on Beat Breakfast is well and truly underway! On this week's episode of Clár sa Charr, Kate and Cian were chatting all about sports (spóirt)

Clár sa Charr is a short conversation between a parent and child which takes place in the car on the way to school.

Listen in to Beat Breakfast every Tuesday morning to improve your Gaeilge and you could get your hands on a €50 One4All for giving it a go.

For a shot at winning a €50 One4All voucher, all you have to do is send us a voice message with you using our 'focal' (word) of the day, to 085-1029103.


Niall and Sho will tell you what word you've to listen out for, before the conversation begins.

Both Niall and Sho are hoping to brush up on their Gaeilge, so they can take a trip to Waterford's Gaeltacht in Rinn and chat with the locals!

Our resident Gaeilgeoir, Jessica Ní Mháirtín, who also presents Music Dé Domhnaigh here on Beat and is managing the project within the station, hopes that this Irish language initiative will encourage people to speak cúpla focal to each other - even if it's just for a few minutes in the morning.

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Clár 6: Spóirt

Foclóir Spóirt


Éadaí scoile – School uniform 

Rang corpoideachais – PE class 

Ag imirt cluiche i gcoinne – Playing a match or game against 

Sacar faoi dhíon - Indoor soccer 


Buailteoir – Striker 

Iománaíocht - Hurling 

A lán scileanna – Lots of skill 

Is fuath liom cispheil – I hate basketball 

An réiteoir - The referee 

Ag séideadh na feadóige - Blowing the whistle 

Ag imirt rugbaí - Playing rugby 

Bonn mór óir - A big gold medal


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