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Dead celebrities subscribe to Twitter Blue

Dead celebrities subscribe to Twitter Blue
Pele during Soccer Aid 2016, © PA Archive/PA Images

A number of dead celebrities have subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone numbers.

That's according to their Twitter profiles, now showing a blue tick alongside their name.

Elon Musk recently took over the social media platform and removed the ticks from non-paying users.

However, a report in the Irish Independent states that the check has been added to the profiles of two late celebrities.


One is New York chef and presenter, Anthony Bourdain who died in 2018.

The other is Brazilian footballer Pelé who passed away last year.

Their profiles both state that they had "subscribed to Twitter Blue" and verified their phone numbers. (Perhaps they did it in spirit and Musk's newest technology detected it?)

Blue Tick Bedlam

The Blue Tick confusion all started when Elon Musk decided to get rid of the verification move and make it a subscriber-based feature.


It left many well-known people such as Prince William and Pope Francis without the check, meaning those accounts could now be impersonated.

Then, in a complete 180° move, Musk gave some celebrities - who claim they had not paid for a subscription - the tick back.

The most recent celebs to make the announcement include the author of Coraline, Neil Gaiman, and Sons of Anarchy actor, Ron Perlman.


There appears to be a pattern with who gets the Blue Tick and who doesn't. Those with over one million followers seem to have their ticks returned, regardless of having an €11 per month subscription.

Musk has admitted that he personally paid for some people to have their accounts verified. One of those is Stephen King, who then suggested that Musk use his money to help people.

Apparently, Musk listened because just yesterday King tweeted that "Musk has given $100 million to Ukrainian charities."