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Gorey sees launch of e-Bike delivery service

Gorey sees launch of e-Bike delivery service

A new e-bike delivery service has launched in Gorey this week.

Local-E Delivered is the brainchild of friends Clare McCreesh and Claire Hartweig. Both women bought Rad Power e-bikes during the pandemic and use them as transport on the school run and to get around the town.

โ€œI had been using a regular non-electric bike with my child on the back and as she was getting bigger, I realised I needed a bit of power,โ€ says Clare McCreesh.

The bikes can travel about 60km on a full battery and can travel at speeds of up to 25km with pedal assist.


The two Claires soon started thinking about how they could get the E-Bikes working for them.

โ€œI was made redundant over Covid, and we were thinking what could we do with these bikes as a new ventureโ€ฆ so brainstorming we came up with this idea of doing local deliveries for local businessesโ€, Clare Hartweig says.

The rule of thumb is that if you can fit it in a supermarket trolley, Local-E Delivered can deliver to around a 2km radius around Gorey town. In the future they hope to be able to deliver further.

โ€œWe have a big crate, a flatbed bike trailer, and panniers as well so we can fit quite a lot.


"People have been really supportive- itโ€™s quite a new idea, quite different. We have seen this idea in bigger towns and cities, but a lot of local people would never have heard of something like this. People are supportive of the idea. They want to be sustainable, and they want to support local businesses.โ€

Itโ€™s not just groceries that Local- E Delivered can transport to your house- โ€œit could be anything from stationery, flowers, things from the pharmacy, we are open to anything.โ€

You can check out Local- E Delivered on their Facebook and Instagram accounts or by emailing them [email protected]

Claire and Clare from Local- E Delivered talk to Orla about their new business on Sunday Grill this weekend from 10am.