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Irish dancing rocked by allegations of sexual favours for higher scores

Irish dancing rocked by allegations of sexual favours for higher scores
Irish Dancing, Wiki Commons

The world of Irish dancing has been rocked over allegations of competition-fixing.

The allegations have been made within An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG), with one well-regarded dancing teacher reportedly offering sexual favours in return for higher scores from judges.

Beat understands that screenshots of text conversations related to twelve Irish dancing teachers both asking for or offering to fix competitions have been handed over to the CLRG body.

A former Court of Appeal judge has been appointed by the body to oversee an investigation into the allegations.


Irish Independent journalist Ellen Coyne says for people involved, the news does not come as a shock

Commenting on the controversy, Ellen said "Irish dancing has always had a suspicion that it might have a problem with cheating or fixing of Feis".

She continued: There would be examples where people might mistakes that to anyone who understands Irish dancing would have them instantly disqualified.

"Yet, they might manage to come second or third or place in some way."


Commenting on the controversy, the CLRG noted that the body had “received allegations, with supporting documentation, of several grievous breaches of our Code of Conduct.”

It continued: “Such unethical behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated by this organisation."