A huge festival has just banned disposable vapes

A huge festival has just banned disposable vapes
Glastonbury Festival 2022, Β© PA Archive/PA Images

A huge name in the festival industry has announced that disposable vapes will be forbidden.

Glastonbury has added them to its list of what not to bring.

Its list states: "Do not bring disposable vapes. They pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres."

Vapes are among the other more common prohibited items such as knives and glass.


It also comes as a bit of a surprise since last year, Glastonbury actually had vapes for sale.

It's unknown how the festival will be implementing the ban and whether any vapes will be confiscated if someone does manage to sneak them in.

Green Glastonbury

Glastonbury was founded in 1970 and claims to have cared about the environment since then and before the world was even concerned with climate change.

The festival's website says it has been exploring ways to look after the land and lessen its environmental impact - hence a ban on vapes.


This is because disposing of the lithium battery in the devices can be difficult as they could explore or puncture if they somehow come into contact with fire.

Also, considering Glastonbury is on farmland, any vapes that get accidentally left behind, could pose a risk to the livestock and land.

Body glitter is also not permitted at the festival unless it is biodegradable.

This is a move many festivals have taken as general body glitter does not decompose posing a risk to our land and water wildlife.


Disposable wipes are prohibited too - regardless of whether they are biodegradable.

This is because they break down into microplastics which are environmental pollutants.

Even biodegradable wipes are not fully environmentally friendly as they release greenhouse gases when breaking down.

As an alternative to both of these, Glastonbury recommends bringing a good old-fashioned bar of soap and a washcloth!

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