A TV first-Channel 4 show dissection of woman's body

A TV first-Channel 4 show dissection of woman's body
Toni Crews

In a TV first, Channel 4 has just broadcast the dissection of a woman's body.

My Dead Body aired last night (Monday December 5th) telling the story of Toni Crews, a young mother who passed away from a rare form of cancer.

Before her death in August 2022, Toni decided to donate her body to medical science, and incredibly, gave consent for her corpse to be put on public display. In 2016 she was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the tear gland and in order to raise awareness of the condition, she not only chose to track her illness but to broadcast her remains.

My Dead Body aims to educate viewers on the science of cancer and how it affects the human body. The documentary focuses on Professor Claire Smith, and her team's efforts to track the course of cancer through Toni's body,  from her initial diagnosis in 2016 to her death in 2020.



Speaking about the project, Professor Smith says: "By understanding exactly what caused Toni's symptoms and building a timeline of how cancer developed, this unique study will support decades of research. I hope the family of the donor will be proud of the work we have been able to undertake."

While the show is incredibly educational, the programme is not for the faint of heart. Professor Smith cuts into the skull of Toni's body to remove her brain and "it made a sound that I am simply unable to describe" says Anita Singh of the Daily Telegraph." Singh does, however, go on to describe the show as a "remarkable piece of television".

My Dead Body is available to stream now.