American TikToker reacts to Carlow's Richie Kavanagh's "Aon Focal Eile"

American TikToker reacts to Carlow's Richie Kavanagh's "Aon Focal Eile"

Ah Richie Kavanagh, what a man!

The Carlow native is a singer/songwriter hailing from the Fenagh area who puts his own comedy spin on classic Irish/Folk music.

Richie started to write songs to coincide with his comedy sketches, where it's reported his primary school teacher encouraged him to do so, it's where he developed the alter ego of Johnny.

At the age of 44, the Carlow man released his widely successful song titled Aon Focal Eile, which was in the Irish Top Ten when it hit national airwaves in 1996. The song also won Best Single of the Year in Ireland that very same year.


Richie also has several other banger tunes including Mickey's Buckin Ass, Stay Wut Her Johnny, Chicken Talk, and A Ride On A Tractor.

The Carlow man has come under some controversy during his time writing songs, with people questioning his risky lyric choice. Aon Focal Eile in return got banned by BBC radio stations and could only be played on other radio stations in the UK after midnight.

American TikToker Mark Bowling (20) has gone viral amongst the Irish TikTok community, as people leave him suggestions from Irish Food, Pop Culture, and even the language to try out.


The TikTok user has racked up 637.6K followers and 37.6 million likes on his videos.

A comment made on one of his previous by sinnyboo07 says "No no no Richie Kavanagh. Aon Focal Eile"

And well, Mr. Bowling delivered, posting a video of himself dancing while doing his laundry to the Carlow native's hit.


@markbowlingballReply to @sinnyboo07 please drop more recommendations @gympluscoffee #ireland #irish #music♬ original sound - Mark Bowling

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Image: richiekavanagh.ie