Casa Amor's Deji 'broke up' with girlfriend hours before entering the villa

Casa Amor's Deji 'broke up' with girlfriend hours before entering the villa

It's the peak of Love Island for many viewers of the ITV 2 reality show, as Casa Amor is in full swing.

Heads have been turned with both boys and girls from the main villa cracking on with many of the new bombshells that Casa Amor has brought.


One new islander, Deji Adeniyi, has taken a keen interest to crack on with Indiyah Pollack, who is currently in a couple with Irish boy Dami Hope (a former student of IT Carlow).

Now Deji seems like a nice guy, right?

Well apparently not, as a TikTok doing the rounds shows that the new boy broke up with his girlfriend just to appear on the reality show.


The videos show a series of Instagram stories, of Deji's "ex" saying "When Your ex enters Casa Amor" followed by a FaceTime screenshot of the pair dated June 27th.


That's kind of bizarre since the boys entered Casa this week, on Monday's episode!

And you have to also factor into account that what we see on our TV screens is the previous day's footage, and the length of time it takes for contestants to sign documents, fly out to the villa, etc.

It seems a bit didge to be fair, however, nothing is confirmed from ITV or Deji himself.

Some TikTok users have commented on the video saying, "I swear the producers already know and still take them on"

Another has said "It happens every year they do it to make people want to watch/talk about love island"

Whether it's a PR stunt or the actual truth, it's a bit suss.

Check out the TikTok below and let us know what you think!

@user27282829292 He mocked it😭😭 #fyp #loveisland2022 #foryou ♬ Happy Laughing - Sound Effect

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.