Did you spot this ‘mistake’ during Britain's Got Talent semi-final one?

Did you spot this ‘mistake’ during Britain's Got Talent semi-final one?

Eagle-eyed Britain's Got Talent viewers noticed what they believed to be a ‘mistake’ during last night’s semi-final show.

Elizabeth’s creepy performance of The Haunting saw her bring judge Amanda Holden ‘face-to-face’ with the ghost of mysterious Agatha and her 11-year-old daughter.

As Agatha smashed through a mirror and covered Amanda in the darkness, magician Elizabeth disappeared.

When the lights returned ghost Agatha was the one to leading Amanda back to the stage, however, when Amanda turned around she had transformed back into Elizabeth.


It all proved to be too much for the judge who jumped and shouted “F**k!” before covering her mouth.

*Cue Amanda Holden swearing before the watershed*

Although the trick shocked Holden, fans noticed the magician lurking behind a wall and quickly took to Twitter to complain about the moment they’d spotted the swap.

"You can see her around the corner of the wall#bgt." one viewer tweeted while a video receipt.


Another said: “Camera giveaway if you watch the haunted. Watch it back when Amanda Holden is led back from the spooky scene you can see the main haunted person swap over with the spook! Not so spooky now.”

As Amanda took her place back on the judging panel, she was comforted by fellow judge Alesha Dixon.

Once recovered, the 48-year-old was quick to apologise to those tuning in at home and on social media for swearing before the watershed.