Homegrown Friday Five: Tolü Makay, Active, N.O.A.H, Hallie & The Pale

Homegrown Friday Five: Tolü Makay, Active, N.O.A.H, Hallie & The Pale

Five Irish tracks to get you set for the weekend. A mix of guitar pop, hip-hop and mandolin-led madness. For all the best in Irish music, check out Irish Beats with Rob O'Connor every Sunday at 8pm on Beat 102-103.


Tolu Makay

Behaving Like a Lil B**


Tullamore’s Tolü Makay combines soulful pop with rhythmic hip-hop in her new single Behavin Like a Lil B**, produced by her long-time collaborator Enda Gallery. “Behavin Like a Lil B** is a song with attitude. It’s the song you need when you just have to call someone out. I also make reference to men who hit on women and can’t take no as an answer. I was inspired by 90’s HipHop and a really cool artist I found called Kahlo. I’m enjoying incorporating more parts of my background into the production and lyrics, and having fun with the process of bringing this album to life. Here’s a song you can now play to someone thats Behaving Like a Lil B**." -Tolü Makay




The Limit


Born in Poland, Active grew up in Monaghan and creates hip-hop tunes influenced by Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Logic. Describing his new release ‘The Limit’ Active says: “It's a record intended to set the tone for the new direction I'm heading with my music. The subject matter details a great multitude of questions I've been asking myself, all inherently returning to a singular inquiry ‘what is the limit?’. There are many ‘limits’ we experience or are told about, in everyday life, but we need to ask ourselves, are they real or arbitrary? That is what ‘The Limit’ is. It is the embodiment of my confidence, my doubts, my strength, and my fears.”






‘Circles’ marks the return of Wexford-based artist Hallie, following her one year music journey with three singles in her belt and national & worldwide airplay (including Beat 102-103!). Inspired by relationships which are challenging and difficult to hold firm boundaries. It deals with emotive, deep issues while bringing Hallie’s sound to an upbeat dance pop track.



Hands Up



Indie rockers N.O.A.H release their debut EP ‘Echoes of The Night’ on the 1 October. The six-tracker is not afraid to explore the boundaries of genre, and showcases collaborations with the New Orleans style Booka Brass, as well as Irish hip hop outfit Hare Squead. ‘Hands Up’ is the latest single.


Throwback Track of the Week:

The Pale

The Butterfly


Irish music legends The Pale have re-recorded their 1992 hit The Butterfly for a new best-of collection - Paleanthology - due out on 22nd October. Seems like a great day to remember the original! You can hear the new version at thepale.bandcamp.com