Homegrown Friday Five: Wallis Bird, D Cullen, Megan O'Neill, Walshy and Le Galaxie

Homegrown Friday Five: Wallis Bird, D Cullen, Megan O'Neill, Walshy and Le Galaxie

For a sunny Friday in February, here’s five fresh tracks that sound just as crisp and beautiful. To stay up to date with the latest and greatest in Irish music, check out Irish Beats with Rob O'Connor every Sunday at 8pm on Beat 102-103.

Wallis Bird

What’s Wrong With Changing?


Taking musical cues from Janet Jackson with autobiographical new single ‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’, Wallis Bird is setting out her stall for forthcoming album ‘Hands’, due out in May

D Cullen




D Cullen’s latest track has positive 80s vibes, bouncing along on a massive bassline and exploding with electronic bubbles, ‘Radio’ is a big, bold pop song with a huge hook and lyrics to suit

Megan O’Neill



Megan O’Neill describes the video for her new single Wildfire as "the story of a grandfather helping his grandson through his first real loss in life. Much like the song itself, the video shares the message that that's what we are here for - to help each other, to shed layers and grow together"


Glass Case



Walshy aka Luke Walsh is taking his cues from jazz and funk on this solo release. Creamy guitar licks and soulful saxophone layer up with dreamy vocals and loose hip-hop beats.

Throwback: Le Galaxie feat. Elaine Mai

Love System


Staying with the saxophones, here’s a track was first released 10 years ago, but still sounds as fresh as a dew-soaked daisy. This is the updated version though and yes, there’s a killer sax solo at the end ….

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