Intruder breaks into Love Island Villa!

Intruder breaks into Love Island Villa!

The Producers of Love Island have confirmed that the villa was broken into last night.

Bosses of the show are investigating a security breach after a YouTube prankster managed to cause a security breach in the famous villa in Spain last night.

Omer Majid - who has 11,000 followers on the video sharing platform, videod himself trying to enter the villa as the contestants were sleeping.

The intruder made his way inside the villa, whilst on a video call to fellow YouTubers, before reaching the outside area where much of the filming takes place.


A voice is then heard shouting "you're trespassing" before being taken out by security.

It's believed security are forced to stop several people a day from trying to get into the villa, situated in Mallorca off the Eastern coast of Spain.

Ex-contestant Alex Miller previously said: “When I left, I chatted with the guys who looked after us.

“They told me at least five people a day try to access that villa - but so far no one has got in.


“They’re clearly doing a good job! I was impressed.”

A spokesman for the show confirmed to the Sun newspaper that there was a security breach in the villa.

"The safety of both our islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern" they said.

"As part of our stringent COVID safety measures, the Villa area that was trespassed has been fully deep cleaned before being made accessible again to the islanders and crew."