Mary Kennedy is ‘officially’ leaving Nationwide in September

Mary Kennedy is ‘officially’ leaving Nationwide in September

Mary Kennedy is ‘officially’ leaving RTÉ at the end of September as she reaches the retirement age of 65.

Speaking to the RTÉ Guide, Kennedy explained that although it was up to the national broadcaster to ultimately decided her fate, she has said: “officially yes” to retirement.

“I’d love to stay but it’s up to RTÉ IF I go or not. All I love what I do and I’d love it to continue”

The much-loved TV presenter has chased stories up and down the country on Nationwide for the past 15 years.


During that time she has also chaired judging panel of the Rose of Tralee for the past seven years and has this to say to those critical of the festival.

I’d recommend they go down to Tralee and see first-hand how wonderful it is and how connected the Roses are to the event

Adding: “ Even with my feminist hat on I believe that it is a very feminist celebration”.

If continuing her role as the face of Nationwide does not extend into 2020, the new grandmother said that her bucket list simply includes “more travel”.


Specifically to Australia, to visit her son.

She also said that she’d love to publish another book along with “finding more time for people”.

To date Kennedy has written five books, chronicling among other things the breakdown of her marriage, the death of her father and living with loneliness.

“I wrote those books because the subject matter meant a lot to me,” she said.


“If it was outside my comfort zone I’d just say ‘Write it down Mary and you can decide afterwards if you don’t want to include it’”

She never intended to make money from published work, the intention was always to help women her age open up and talk about “things like menopause”.

Kenedy said she is happy in her skin and "with her lot" and wouldn't change where she is right now for the world.