New music on the Takeover

New music on the Takeover

It's been a big week for new tracks and if the following new singles are anything to go by, 2016 is going to be a superb year for music.

1. Let's start with the track that excited me the most- Akon is back! He dropped 'Stick Around' before Christmas, but has now returned with 'Want Some'. His last album was 'Freedom' way back in 2008, (feeling old?), but he dropped a new album 'Stadium' in 2015. The Grammy-nominated singer/rapper/producer has teamed up with DJ Chose on new track 'Want Some'. Let's be honest, it's quite filthy lyrically, but a total tune all the same. Expect to hear a lot of this on the Takeover



2. Speaking of new talent for 2016, 19 year old Canadian Alessia Cara has dropped new single 'Here'.

The Toronto singer broke onto the scene after previously uploading covers on YouTube. It wasn't long until the internet sensation was spotted by a talent scout and then encouraged to write her own music. The song is about feeling alienated and alone at a house party, when everyone else is having fun. Let's be honest, it's a feeling most of us experience from time to time. 'Here' is from the teen's full length album 'Know-It-All', which debuted in December. We have no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from her in the coming months!


3. Remember bopping to Feder's 'Goodbye' last year?



After it's release, Feder was often described as 'the future of electronic dance music'. Well, he is back with a sexy new tune. He's teamed up with Emmi on the track which is titled 'Blind'. You can find out more about this up-and-coming hit here

4. Here's a throwback for you...who remembers Fall Out Boy? (OMFG PETE WENTZ I LOVE YOU, FOB ARE MY LYFFFF, OMG OMG) I'm not sure about you, but they encapsulated my teenage emo phase and I used to love ROCKING out to their hits, such as this golden oldie:



Well, they're back, (pass me my pink clip in extensions and black eye liner please), and have teamed up with American singer, songwriter, actress and model Demi Lovato on new track 'Irresistible'. Interestingly, the music video for the hit is a tribute to NSYNC's iconic hit 'Its Gonna Be Me' as the band and Lovato explore the toy store that NSYNC once danced around back in the day.


5. I was also delighted this week to discover that Dizzie Rascal, (legend), is back. We haven't heard much from him since his 2013 album 'The Fifth', but he is back and has teamed up with DJ Fresh on new single 'How Love Begins'.

It's being reported that the DJ-slash-producer is working on new music with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Icona Pop. So, if this new track is anything to go by, we can expect to hear a lot more music from DJ Fresh in the charts this year.


You can catch all of the above songs on the Takeover this week, after your official Top 7 at 7.

Emma :)