'People coming from all over the world' to see newly finished Derry Girls mural

'People coming from all over the world' to see newly finished Derry Girls mural

A huge mural of the cast of the hit show Derry Girls in the city centre has been completed.

The finished Derry Girls mural in Derry city centre. Picture: Margaret McLaughlin 28-1-2019 ©

The faces of Orla, Erin, Michelle, James and Clare have been immortalised by Channel 4’s in-house creative agency 4Creative, which is working with Derry not-for-profit social enterprise group UV Arts, which uses street art as a tool for social change.

Nicola Couglan, who plays Clare, said her mind was blown and described the mural as an honour.

Channel 4 said that the mural was a tribute to the show's return for a second season.


Visitors will now be able to visit the mural which can be found at the gable end of the Badgers Bar building in Derry city.

Badgers manager John Cooley said:

“Channel 4 contacted us and said they had three gable walls in the running and were trying to choose, and in the end picked us.

“They started this week and already the amount of people stopping and taking photographs is unreal.


“I think because the show was such a success and the support they had from Derry, made it all the better.

“It’s on Netflix now and we have people coming from all over the world to look at it already.

“We weren’t sure people would understand it, the Troubles and then the accent, but everyone seems to love it."

Season two of the show is expected to air in March this year.