WTF is up Doc?!

WTF is up Doc?!

Some things happen for a reason.

The Earth orbits the sun…Night follows day…Leicester are top of the league.

But sometimes things happen that are so random, so ‘Huh?!’- you’re kinda left gobsmacked, going WTF? Did that ACTUALLY happen?!

Cue last night’s 9 o’clock News, or more specifically, the ad break during Eastenders.


There we were - minding our own business, wondering if poor Whitney will ever get back with Lee, when (right on time) the ad break comes on.

Same as every other ad break you think, different ads but nothing unusual - then next thing BOOM! - A rabbit pops up out of nowhere. Saw the same Rabbit this morning at Pearse Station

Yes, a rabbit.

If you were out in the kitchen making a cup of tea or busy on Snapchat and missed it, here’s what it looked like...



People have been ‘rabbiting’ on about it on Twitter ever since under #legendboy?

Here are some of the Bunniest tweets about it…



So what do you think Hoppened?

Is it a teaser for a new movie?

A remake of ‘Hop along Cassidy’ - starring Rabbit Downey Junior, Dustin Hopman and Hare-son Ford?!

Maybe Jessica Rabbit is making a big screen comeback?

Could it be the next binge-watch TV series, with Woody Hare-lson and Rabbit DeNiro?!

(Ok so that’s two ‘Rabbit’ for ‘Robert’ puns in a row but who’s counting?!)

Or maybe, a musical starring, I dunno…Bunny Tyler and Hare-y Styles?!

Or MAYBE...Ok! Enough of the bad Rabbit/Hare puns.

I’m sure you’re dying to tell us plenty of your own, so hop to it and hit us up in the comments section on our Facebook using #legendboy