Waterford to host Ireland’s largest virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Waterford to host Ireland’s largest virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

By Joleen Murphy

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland will look a little different this year, as the country's level 5 lockdown is rumoured to be extended.

Though March 17th is well past the current level 5 lockdown finish date of March 5th, there are talks of the lockdown being extended into April and even May.

That's bad news for anyone planning St. Patrick's Day events with two or more households.


Last year, St. Patricks's Day in Ireland and across the globe, saw events such as parades parties large and small cancelled for the first time ever because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools, pubs, childcare facilities, colleges and restaurants shut their doors the week before the big day in 2020.

On March 12th, Ireland entered it's first lockdown and it gave St. Patrick's Day celebrations no time to prepare for the devastation of all plans.

Thankfully, the one thing we can take from 2020, is the world's new found adaptation and resilience to moving personal and private, work and family life online.


As this year's Paddy's Day online preparations are in full swing, Waterford is calling on the Déise clan. 

Waterford County Council are appealing to it's natives at home and abroad, to make St Patrick’s Day 2021 a date to be remembered for how the county and country came together online.

A re-imagined festival, where the theme is green, will exhibit the vibrancy and resilience of Warerford City and County in these the strangest of times. 

The Mayor of Waterford, Cllr Damien Geoghegan said, “I need the people of Waterford to get behind our 2021 St Patrick’s Day events.


"There are so many ways to get involved.

"Host your own parade at home and upload it to our dedicated Facebook page.

"Share the images of our stunning landmark buildings, across Waterford City and County, as they are flooded in green lighting.

"Write a memorable short story and most importantly connect with Waterford people online. 

"Let’s make St Patrick’s Day 2021, a week-long event and every bit as spectacular and full of family fun, as ever it was before.”

 Waterford is to be the host to Ireland’s largest virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Over the coming weeks Waterford County Council are asking the community to plan a parade at home or in your garden, all within the current restrictions.

In a statement they said, "Dress up and parade around your garden, your street, your green and record a short video to upload to a dedicated Facebook group page. Waterford needs you, the Community, to play your part in bringing to life our annual Parade, with all your heart and soul."

 "Watch out across Waterford City and County as our landmark buildings go green in the lead up to St. Patrick’s Day.

"The Waterford City parade route will be flooded in green lighting on and before St. Patrick’s Day, as will many of our iconic buildings across Waterford County.

"The Waterford Goes Green StoryMap will be available online with details of each of the buildings creating a piece of digital social history. More details on this exciting project will be available on and the Waterford St Patrick's Day FB page.

Waterford City and County Council would like to acknowledge and thank Fáilte Ireland for the support received for St Patrick’s Day 2021.

Photo Credit: Pexels Images