1 in 10 Irish people eat their beans COLD

1 in 10 Irish people eat their beans COLD

With autumn in full swing, Heinz has conducted some research into Irish consumers' love for baked beans.

Let's just say they found some pretty interesting results...

While some of the stats, such as the 16% of you who love a baked bean sandwich, are totally acceptable, the 10% of those who eat their beans cold is a step too far.

Now, we love baked beans as much as the next person, but unless your oven AND microwave are both outta service we can't forgive you... sorry!


Other standout stats from the survey include:

  • Speaking of beans on toast, 61% prefer their beans poured on top of toast and not on the side.
  • Beans are also most frequently eaten as part of a main evening meal (61%) as they are a perfect spur-of-the-moment choice (55%), with over 1 in 5 Irish adults (22%) viewing them as a weekly staple in their diet.
  • According to 13% of respondents, beans must be kept in a separate bowl so that they don’t touch anything else on their plate!
  • Despite an almost unanimous 95% eating baked beans hot, over 1 in 10 (11%) regularly enjoy eating baked beans cold too!
  • 11% of those aged 18-24 said that their mother still prepares their beans for them.
  • 1 in 10 have seen friends and family making baked bean salads, that’s right.. baked bean salads! While almost 1 in 5 (17%) have heard of others adding them to their curry.
  • 60% also love adding baked beans to a one-pot meal, with a chilli (25%) or stew (23%) the most likely, while almost 1 in 10 (7%) would add to a fish pie.

Heinz Beanz first went on sale in Ireland way back in 1899, launching at Alex Findlater’s & Co stores in Dublin - making them the original baked bean in Ireland.

To mark the occasion, Heinz Beanz will release localised, limited edition Irish only labels via Heinz’s first online shop in Ireland.

The Heinz Beanz cans will be emblazoned with fourteen different variations of the ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan, linked to different areas across Ireland. The exclusive designs will include: The Deise, The Cats and Wexico!


Emily O’Kane, Heinz Ireland’s Marketing Manager, said: “To mark over 120 years of Heinz Beanz in Ireland, we wanted to celebrate one of the country’s favourite foods.

“Everyone has a view on what Beanz Meanz to them so we wanted to discover and share exactly how much Ireland loves Beanz.

“Baked beans are a staple of Irish mealtimes, with almost half (44%) of people telling us that they eat baked beans at least ‘once a week’. Beanz truly does mean Heinz and Heinz Beanz are proud to be a great Irish favourite with a name much-loved in kitchens across the country.”

The exclusively labelled cans will be available on 415g single Heinz Beanz cans. The limited edition cans are available for €7.50, plus €3.00 delivery fee and can be found here