10 ways to banish your self-isolation cabin fever

10 ways to banish your self-isolation cabin fever

There's no two ways about it, this self-isolation craic is a drag.

Yes, we know that it is incredibly important that we all play our part in containing the spread of coronavirus, but when it's just you, the four walls and the fam, things can get a little, well, stale.

That's why we've teamed up with to help you out...

Check out these 10 awesome tips to help stave off your self-isolation cabin fever!


1. Become amazing at something: YouTube is full to the brim of amazing free tutorials and now is the perfect time to utilize them. Have a guitar lying around the house that you've never picked up? Get on YouTube and become an axe god!

2. Research your next holiday to the last detail: Wishful thinking, we know. But is there anything worse than booking a holiday with zero research? Now it's time to right those wrongs!


3. Create an amazing CV: Now here is a task we all love to put off, but now is the time to add an amazing CV to your arsenal when you spot that dream job!

4. Find out how you can help those around you: There are dozens of charities in the South East looking for help right now. Check them out to discover how you can aid those less fortunate than you. Covid Community Response is a great place to start.

5. Get out there and discover: With pretty much everything bar the essentials closed, now is the perfect time to get at one with your inner Bear Grylls and discover the South East's stunning, more remote beauty spots. Just remember the two-metre rule!



6. Do a spring clean: If you're gonna be stuck here for a few weeks at least make it habitable!

7.  Do some Yoga: Getting stressed by the constant barrage of negative news? Rediscover your zen with some yoga.


 8. Decide what you're gonna do with your savings: If you're fortunate enough to be working from home, chances are you're saving a shedload of cash between lunching out, fuel, public transport and parking. So why not make that saved dosh work for you by putting it into a savings account. Cue smug face...

9. Start reading: Be it unwanted gifts (sorry mam!) or impulse purchases, we all have a shedload of books lying around just waiting to be read. Now is the time!

10: Listen to Beat! C'mon you hardly thought we'd leave this one out? With all that newfound spare time on your hands, why wouldn't you tune in to your favourite radio station?!

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Feature Image by David Fagundes from Pexels