7 year prison sentence awaits if you have a one-night stand at this year's World Cup

7 year prison sentence awaits if you have a one-night stand at this year's World Cup

Heading to this year's World Cup? Then forget about getting frisky!

Soccer fans should right now, be enjoying a Summer full of football, however, this year's competition is slightly different, as the FIFA World Cup will begin on Monday, the 21st of November in Qatar, making it the first winter event in the trophy's history.


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And fans are being warned they could face up to SEVEN years in prison in Qatar if they are seen to be having a one-night stand.

As the football world is counting down the days until the biggest sporting event in its schedule, all football fans are being warned to check out the laws and rules in the host country.


This includes the law that outside of marriage, sex is prohibited.

Though some reports state the punishment is usually a year locked up, the non-profit organisation, Human Dignity Trust says it can be up to seven.

Also, same-sex intercourse is prohibited and can be punishable by stoning in the host country.

According to the Daily Star, a police insider explained that “Sex is very much off the menu unless you are coming as a husband-and-wife team. There definitely will be no one-night stands at this tournament."


"The drink and party culture after games, which is the norm in most places, is strictly prohibited".

The 2022 World Cup is set to begin on the 21st of November with the final being played on December 18th.

While anticipation is high for the competition to begin, calls have been made for Qatar to address its law on intercourse and the LGBT community.