A TV channel for dogs has launched

A TV channel for dogs has launched

A new TV channel for dogs launches today to help dogs at home alone.

Would you sacrifice your TV hours to make your best pal feel good?

The past few years have seen people across the country return home for prolonged periods.

With the world continuing to return to normality, worker bees are going back to the office from 9-5 and our favourite pets are spending more time alone.

To keep your pet entertained, a TV channel dedicated specifically to dogs is getting ready for launch.


DOGTV is the worldโ€™s first and only television network created for canines and their humans.

The programming on the streaming platform has been scientifically tested to "enrich the lives of stay at home dogs" and have been approved by pet behaviourists, veterinarians and pet organisations.

The original canine content looks to โ€œalleviate symptoms arising from conditions that canines are known to suffer from, including separation anxiety, loneliness and stressโ€.

Research has been conducted for three years to ensure its compatibility with your beloved pet.


TV shows have been developed specifically to cater to a dog's senses.

The colours have been tweaked to make it easier for dogs to see and camera angles align with their natural line of vision.

The audio has also been carefully tuned to match their frequencies.

TV Shows on DOGTV

Some of the brand new shows include At Home with Laura Nativo, The Dog Chef and Things We Woof About.


At Home with Laura Nativo sees the celebrity dog trainer and TV personality teach owners how to improve their homes to better suit their pets.

The Dog Chef sees Kevyn Matthews present a cooking shows based on delicious dog food recipes whilst Things We Woof About explores all the fun new dog trends, products and services available.

A recent survey conducted by DOGTV found that rates of separation anxiety among dogs adopted during the pandemic were 20 per cent than dogs welcomed into the home before 2020.

Symptoms related to separation anxiety include excessive barking, refusing to eat, trying to escape, having accidents on the floor, and destructive behaviour.

DOGTV launched today, the 8th November, and is available on Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Google Play Store, and Appleโ€™s App Store and online at