Cheap date activities (that won't make you look cheap)

Cheap date activities (that won't make you look cheap)
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The cost of living crisis affects everyone, Cupid included.

Here are some fun ideas for a date that won't break the bank:

1. Game Night

Get competitive and flirty over your favourite board games-whether it's Monopoly, Twister (for some fun positions) or good 'aul Guess Who. If you don't have any games to use or borrow, a deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment. Consider double or triple dating to get more players and add some homemade cocktails/mocktails to make it more festive.


2. Geocaching


You can geocache EVERYWHERE. It's all over the South East and it's free, easy fun. If you've never heard of geocaching, it's a little bit like orienteering. You use the GPS on your phone to look for hidden containers, which usually contain a logbook so you can mark your find. The containers are hidden all over the world, and there are plenty in the South East! For more information and to find caches near you, click here.

3. Museum Date

Did you know that many museums and galleries in Ireland are free to visit? Including some in the South East! You can visit the Waterford Gallery of Art or Gallery of Modern Art in Waterford for free, while the National Museum of Ireland, the Natural History Museum and the IMMA in Dublin are all open free to the public. Apps, like Explore More Waterford and Visit Wexford App, will also help you peruse more affordable activities and attractions in your area.


4. Picnic in the Park

The South East is home to some of the most scenic gardens and estates, such as the newly reopened Mount Congreve Gardens, Kilkenny Castle Park, Wells House & Gardens and Altamont Gardens. You can enjoy the scenery and wildlife in these places for absolutely nothing, so why not bring a blanket and a few ceapairi to enjoy too.

5. Fish & Chips at the seaside


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It is often said the way to a man's heart (or indeed a woman's) is through his stomach. Considering the beautiful coastline we have on our doorstep, it would be sinful not to enjoy a romantic beach walk, a cheeky 99 or a tasty portion of fresh fish and chips. Whether it's Kilmore Quay, Rosslare, Dunmore East or Tramore, a seaside date is always a great option.

6. Stargazing

No, we're not joking. there are plenty of stars up there and you don't actually need a giant telescope to look at them. With apps like Star Walk 2, SkyView Lite and Star Chart, you can actually become your own astronomer and learn about the stars looking down on you. Choose a place as far away from artificial light as possible, wrap up warm and discover the heavens with your other half.

7. Go on a hike

Basically everyone on Tinder days says they're into hiking, so call their bluff!  There's Coumshingaun Lough and Kilclooney loop in Co. Waterford, Slieve Feilim Way, or the Graves of the Leinstermen Loop in Co. Tipperary. Hiking can be a dangerous activity, and a hike requires preparation and appropriate equipment so plan your date properly, or, if you're not ready for a hike, consider a walking trail such as the Anne Valley Walk or the Casltecomer Loop. Helpful info on hikes and trails is available on Hiking Ireland and  Hiiker App.

8. Make a Blanket Fort


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No explanation needed, really.