#CovideoParty: Alison Spittle starts trend to help people watch films together online

#CovideoParty: Alison Spittle starts trend to help people watch films together online

By Steve Neville

An Irish comedian has been organising online group film screenings so people can watch movies together, while at home alone.

With authorities calling for social distancing and self-isolation due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Alison Spittle's #CovideoParty has seen people come together on Twitter to watch films as an online community while following advice from health officials.

So far, the online group has watched films such as Clueless and Matilda and tonight, they plan to watch Jumanji, starring Robin Williams.


Alison told us the idea "came about through feeling cut off and sheer boredom".

The viewing parties have been hugely successful, with #CovideoParty trending in Ireland last night.

Alison said she has been blown away by the reaction online.

"Thursday I felt my life was ruined," she said.


"So many gigs were cancelled and income gone and now I feel happy, I can breathe again and it's good to keep busy."

Alison is also encouraging people to dress-up for the films and share pictures of their costumes online.

She said she will also be hosting other events on her Instagram such as make-up tutorials and yoga.

Follow Alison on Twitter here and on Instagram here. The comedian also has a Ko-Fi page, where fans can support an artist's work for the price of a coffee.