Dog owners can be linked with their pooches personality traits

Dog owners can be linked with their pooches personality traits

Dog owners can be linked with their pooches by personality traits, according to a new survey.

The poll from the UK's Kennel Club has found people who have Border Terriers tend to be lively and exuberant.

Jack Russell owners are the most loyal and people who own a Cocker Spaniel top the list for curiosity.

The poll also found Golden Retriever owners are seen as the most emotionally stable, and Pomeranian lovers are extroverted.


Communications Manager with Dogs Trust, Corina Fitzsimons, says it's better for the pup and the owner if their lifestyles match.

"Generally speaking, we would be able to match people up with the types of dog that suit their personality.

"Unfortunately, most people will come and they will pick a dog based on what a dog looks like.

"That's where they'll run into problems, about being able to care for the dog.


"If they want exercise and they are not too keen on exercise, that's normally where the problems arise."

Corina says active people should choose active dogs and the opposite should also apply, according to a charity.

She explains the problems that can emerge when the dogs and their owners don't have the same desires.

"It's really important when choosing a dog that you do so based on their personality.


"If you're getting a particular breed, you need to do your research on why they were bread for their different purposes.

"For example; a collie. They are bread for herding sheep and working on a farm.

"So, if you're a sit at home on the weekends and watch TV type of person, a collie probably isn't the dog for you."

Suzi Walsh, dog behaviourist and trainer, says prospective dog owners need to choose carefully.

"I would love the idea that I would get up an run 10k a day.

"So, ideally, in my head, I would like a collie or a husky but in reality that's not the case because that's not actually my personality, even though it's what I think I'd like to do.

"Getting a husky or a collie or a dog like that isn't going to be suitable for my lifestyle.

"It depends if you are actually that way inclined or if it's something you'd like to be."